About us

Our background

Sapath Systems has been in the IT support industry for more than 20 years. Our roots are in early nineties London when we started supporting personal computers of a few university academics. Those were the early days of home computer explosion and we quickly gathered a large number of loyal clients almost exclusively through word-of-mouth recommendations. We have organically grown without significant advertising expenditure as we hold the belief that providing quality support with a human touch is more important than break-neck growth at the loss of client satisfaction. We make it a mission to get to know our clients personally, often spilling our business support in to home IT support as well as mutual support at many levels. 

Why choose Sapath Systems?

 IT systems are the lifeblood of most businesses and It takes the careful attention of a dedicated and competent team to make sure it is always functioning at an ideal level. Breakdown in infrastructure can result in the increase in cost while lack of IT know-how in marketing and advertising can result in lost customers. We at Sapath Systems work to understand your business with the same dedication as a personal doctor so that we are always able to recommend the best solutions and provide the best maintenance for you to stay ahead in the game. With your permission, we can provide recovery and maintenance services, web and software development as well as online marketing and consultancy services to fully cover all your IT needs from one reliable partner.